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Your Vehicle Info


Head-Board Options

Head-board & rear Back/ Ladder Rack options:

Front & Rear Ladder rack

All Trays come with Black Buffalo Mud-Flaps as Standard

Please answer the following :

If "Yes" is selected above, and the head-board is required to line up with your rack/platform then we will need the vehicle to be brought to us with the rack installed for us to build-off.

Vehicle will be required for 3-4 weeks during the build process and will attract custom levy charges as well as extended lead times due to the nature of this process.

If "Yes" is selected, and there is any concern regarding the overall height of your vehicle fitting somewhere once the tray is installed?

If yes, we will require the vehicle for the Tray the tray build for up to 3-4 weeks.

This will cause a delay in your vehicle build as well as attract unavoidable additional charges to do this.

Please contact Buffalo Equip Immediately to discuss on 07-54468122 as we need to understand what concerns you may have.

Do you have any specific distance requirement that your tray or built-in canopy must be from your cab?

If "Yes" is selected there is a specific requirement we may require the vehicle to build-off in order to be certain.

This may mean we need your vehicle for 3-4 weeks approx. during the build.

Under-Body Water Tanks

60 L water tank
80L water tank
120L water tank

Fuel Tank Info

Will you be modifying your fuel tank at all?

Does your vehicle take Ad-Blue?

If "Yes" is selected, please note your vehicle will be a custom build-off and will be required for 3-4 weeks once scheduled.

This will incur a custom levy charge + extended lead time.

This Is all due to the filler hose on the ad blue tanks being made of rigid plastic which determines a very specific location they need to go.

We do not currently have any drawings or trays that we regularly do, that require an ad blue filler relocation.

Slide Out Rear Drawer

Rear Drawer
Rear Drawer

Under-tray Tool Boxes

Under-Tray Tool Boxes

Will you be doing any Exhaust Modifications?

This usually pertains to land cruisers and patrols.

3"and below do not typically create any issues, however 4" upgrades can.

We recommend getting exhausts done after your tray build, otherwise additional costs may be incurred from us needing to modify our standard under-tray boxes on tray fitment.

Most other utes run the exhaust pipe inside the chassis rails and not in the way of our product.

Will you be upgrading your tyre size from standard factory fitted?

Are you having any wheel off-set done? If so, by how much?

We can make flared mudguards if need be or we can move the mudguards out once we know these details.

If unsure, get a measurement from outside to outside of the rear wheels as we can check our standard mudguard position against this during the build process.

Work / Warning Light mounts

work light mount options

Lashing / Tie-down Brackets & Tyre Mounts

Lashing brackets

Headboard Tyre Mount

Drop-Side Inner Skins

Drop-Side Inner Skins

Canopy External Options

Canopy Travel
Canopy Travel
Canopy Camping
Canopy Options

Canopy Internal Options

Canopy Internal Options
Canopy Options

Internal Options:

Internal Canopy Option 2

Hardtop & Canvas Options

Hard-Top Canopy with Canvas

Hardtop Options

Mini-Canopy Options

Mini Canopy Options
Mini Canopy + Short Sides

Electrical Questions

If possible, we recommend getting all electrical work done after we have the tray installed to the vehicle.

If the vehicle already has works done to it we require it all to be disconnected prior to us installing the new tray. we do not install after market electricals.

If "Other" please describe what towbar you will be having fitted as this can impact on your rear-tray design,

NOTE: Especially important is to note if you are going to be towing with a "Raised" towbar as this can cause issues with lower tail-designs.

Additional Charges may apply.

Powder Coat Options

Pro-Texture Black

Pro Texture Black

Hammertone Aztec Silver

Hammertone Aztec Silver





Would you like Stainless Capping ?